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Monterey County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) provides countywide regional coordination and leadership to assure that appropriate public education programs are available for all students with disabilities. This includes developing and implementing a local plan, policies, procedures, and interagency agreements. The SELPA also provides staff development and consultation to school administrators, teachers, other service providers, and parents on matters regarding special education. The Monterey County Office of Education (MCOE) and all of the Monterey County public school districts are members of the Monterey County SELPA. The MCOE has been selected, by the other SELPA members, to act as the SELPA’s administrative unit and provides it with operational support. The SELPA and MCOE are, however, two different organizations.


Services Provided by the SELPA

SELPA services are available to all professional, paraprofessional and administrative staff working on behalf of students with disabilities. Resources are also available to parents wanting to support their children's success in school.

Professional Development Services
Services include consultation, training, and coaching in areas of:

  • Assessment
  • Classroom Management
  • Inclusion of Students With Disabilities
  • Individual Education Program (IEP) Development
  • Materials Selection
  • Research-Based Instruction
  • Special Education Legal Compliance
  • Work to School Transition

Other SELPA Services

  • Lending Library of Instructional and Professional Materials
  • Parent Education Services
  • Assistance in Individual Student Placement Options
  • Organizational Leadership, in Coordination with District Administration, to Develop Service/ Program Options
  • Liaison with Federal and State Departments of Education and District Administrations in Order to Comply with SELPA Policy Requirements, Including Special Education Student Data Management and Reporting, Interagency Agreements, and Required Countywide Advisory and Governance Groups