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The Department of Educational Services is excited to support and partner with school-site leadership- both teachers and administrators- to ensure every student receives a high-quality educational experience to prepare them for success after high school graduation.  
Our department is comprised of eight Curriculum Specialists in the content areas of ELA, ELD, Science, History/Social Science, Literacy, Math, and Instructional Coaching.  Our Curriculum Specialists are expert educators and professional developers focused on implementing our district instructional program through high-quality professional development and coaching of site certificated staff and administrators.
Our role is to support the vision and mission of our district’s Instructional Services Department:
Vision: School sites are successful in the implementation of district initiatives and compliance.
Mission:  Our mission is to provide meaningful and relevant learning opportunities for personal and professional growth and to provide support that is systematic, transparent, and research-based through a lens of equity.


Location: EAHS 1900 Independence Blvd. Room 817, Salinas, CA 93906 
Phone: (831) 796-7864
Fax: (831) 796-7886

Kimberly McCullick

Kimberly McCullick
Director of Educational Services
(831) 796-7864, ext. 2359

Rebecca Liciaga
Administrative Secretary 
(831) 796-7864, ext. 2363


Erika Perea
Secretary I
(831) 796-7864, ext. 2473
Yo Azama
District Lead Instructional Coach
(831) 796-7864, ext. 2360
Balena Lominario
ELA Curriculum Specialist
(831) 796-7864, ext. 2471 
Cody Mullin
ELD Curriculum Specialist
(831) 796-7864, ext. 2486
Unkyong Pak
HS Math Curriculum Specialist
(831) 796-7864, ext. 2365
Robin Mendenhall
Science Curriculum Specialist
(831) 796-7864, ext. 2362
District Educational Technology Specialist