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Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI)

Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI)

A just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive learning environment will be established by supporting the implementation of district-wide equity actions. These include analyzing current policies, practices, structures, and beliefs that contribute to inequity and the continuation of the education debt, evaluate disproportionate data and get to the root causes of this outcome, provide shared understanding and common language on equity, bias, racism, anti-Blackness, homophobia, and other content that will build coherence as we collaboratively work towards justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all our students and staff. 
Provide continuous and interactive professional learning opportunities for district staff and parents/families with a focus on critical self-awareness, implicit bias, relationship building, and transformative change. 
In addition to the education, awareness, and analysis, the district will work with community partners, families, staff members, and students closest to the issues to plan and implement action steps for long-term, transformative change. 
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