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Women's History Month: Teri Lopez

Happy Women’s History Month! 

This month, we’re excited to celebrate the incredible women of our school district who have made and are making a lasting impact on our community! 

Principal Teri Lopez joined the SUHSD team in 2003 when she began to teach 7th and 8th-grade science at El Sausal Middle School. At El Sausal, Ms. Lopez was able to grow in her professional career – she served as department chair, AVID co-chair, served on several committees, and coached both basketball and volleyball. While teaching at El Sausal, Ms. Lopez was simultaneously enrolled at Sacramento State, where she eventually earned her master’s degree in Education Leadership, as well as her preliminary administrative credential. After 6 years at El Sausal, Ms. Lopez moved to Alisal High School, where she, again, was able to grow professionally – she served on several committees, served as class advisor, was an AVID team member, Link Crew Coordinator, WASC team leader, SVFT site representative, BTSA support provider, and department chair. After 6 years at Alisal High School, Ms. Lopez moved on to Washington Middle School as their Assistant Principal. Now, she serves as Principal! 

We are thrilled to share the highlights of Principal Lopez’s professional journey, and are happy to have her on the SUHSD team!  Thank you, Principal Lopez, for inspiring us all and paving the way for future generations of women!