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SchoolYard Rap Teaches Our Students About Diversity and Understanding

Our district was thrilled to have the wonderful SchoolYard Rap team come out and provide an outstanding learning experience to our students! 

SchoolYard Rap is a team of educators, creators, and agents of change who work with staff and students to present a rich curriculum designed to teach our students the value of empathy, understanding, diversity, and collaboration – especially within the context of respecting the multicultural environments in which they are often part of. 

Through the power of performance, our students got an in-depth understanding of the harmful effects of using insensitive and hate-filled language. Students were also shown how to celebrate their own cultures while respecting the various different cultures of their peers. 

Our students were engaged – they were able to gain skills and attitudes needed to promote compassion, excellence, and equity while having fun and being able to enjoy the performances with their classmates!