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Black History Maker: Nicole Minor

At SUHSD, we’re celebrating Black History Month by paying tribute to Black History Makers from our very own district community!

Meet Nicole Minor – a psychobiologist who graduated from UCLA, who has aided in the development of a scholarship fund to support previously dismissed students finish their degree, and a member of the historically African American sorority Delta Sigma Theta. As a graduate of Harden Middle and Everett Alvarez High School, Nicole is also a proud Salinas Union High School District Alumni. 

Since her senior year of high school, Nicole has dreamed of becoming a neuropsychologist. She explains that the behaviors people display can be habits developed from our environments, as well as neurobiological underpinnings that aren’t apparent to the naked eye. Nicole describes herself as an advocate of success, believing that everyone is entitled to gaining success despite their environmental and biological upbringing. Nicole would like to use her position as a clinical neuropsychologist to assess and redefine what success means for each individual. 

Nicole holds her identity as a black woman with pride. Having graduated with a minor in African American Studies, Nicole understands how substantial of an impact black women have had in history. Nicole is proud to be part of a community that holds their heads up with honor and navigates society powerfully despite facing adversities. 

“I represent Salinas, California everywhere I go. I stand on the shoulders of mentors, teachers, and coaches who saw my potential before I even scratched the surface,” Nicole shared. “I hope to continue to serve as a role model for students in the Salinas and Monterey areas in whatever capacity I can.”

The Salinas Union High School District is proud to highlight the accomplishments of alumni Nicole Minor and we are excited to see how her work will continue to inspire and uplift her communities! We are excited to share her history this Black History Month.