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Migrant Student Council Hosts First Meeting

Monday, January 30th, was the first day of the Migrant Student Council!

This group of migrant students from each of the SUHSD high schools was put together by the Director of Migrant Education, Ethelvina Sánchez-Fortin, who recognized the need to bring migrant student leaders together. 

“I recognized the need to mobilize our migrant students district-wide to come together and understand the power of unity,” shared Ms. Sanchez-Fortin. “When our students come together and get behind common issues, they become empowered and realize the impact they can make as a collective and as individuals.” 

During this first meeting, the Migrant Student Council learned about the California State Seal of Civil Engagement, a formal seal of recognition that is affixed to student transcripts, diplomas, or certificates of completion. This seal is awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in civics education and participation. The Migrant Student Council advisors – Ms. Estella Gutierrez, and Ms. Gloria Estrada – are excited to work with students as they build their portfolios to be recognized with the California State Seal of Civic Engagement on their diplomas following their High School graduation. 

Together, the Migrant Student Council will understand civic engagement by visiting Washington, D.C., and other state capitals, and will have the chance to become directly involved in local civic issues by attending school board meetings, meeting elected officials, or recognizing pertinent community challenges and organizing their own awareness events. Students are excited to see how they will be able to impact their community. 

“There’s a lot of people who come from our same background. My goal is to become successful so that I can give back to all of them,” said one student. “I’m excited to learn how I can help and give back to my community.”

We are excited to see how the Migrant Student Council grows and the ways in which they will begin to touch the community!