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Board Trustees honored with Board Resolutions

November 19, 2022
At the November 8 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees, Trustees Kristina Szaszy-Jones and Phillip Tabera were presented with resolutions in appreciation of their service and leadership.
Trustee Szaszy Jones, the outgoing Board President, was honored for her service since being elected in November 2018.
Among her accomplishments were support of the adoption of new graduation requirements, including requiring Ethnic Studies as a District priority, and a commitment to supporting the academic, behavioral and social-emotional wellbeing of all students through the support of construction of Wellness Centers on District campuses.
"I want to thank teachers and students, many of whom recruited me to do this work four years ago…,’ she said. "I had lots of goals coming into this position, some of which were met. But two of them were realized this fall." Those two goals were the appointment of a student board trustee and securing employee housing.
Trustee Tabera capped 22 years of board service with an emotional speech. He was recognized for his numerous efforts, including work to ensure school facilities throughout the city of Salinas provided equitable access and learning conditions, including the building of a new high school, Rancho San Juan.
He was also honored for his personal commitment to the students and staff of the District in closing opportunity gaps to promote academic excellence.
"Twenty-two years. That's a long time. My daughter was as old as my granddaughter when I started here," said Tabera, before pointing to the audience toward his daughter and granddaughter, who were both in attendance. "I've been very honored to be a board member."