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Mount Toro hosts groundbreaking for new building

ground breaking

Mount Toro High School welcomed a large crowd of guests to the ground breaking ceremony for its new Multi-Purpose/Child Development Center on Oct. 16.

Superintendent Dan Burns, Board President Patty Padilla-Salsberg and Mount Toro High School Principal Gloria Chaidez spoke to the crowd and expressed excitement and pride in the new building. The permanent modular building will be a 5,475 square foot structure situated near the west-central edge of the campus fronting Sherwood Drive. 

Superintendent Burns called the Mount Toro staff “champions for our students.” He said they work hard every day to realize the vision of embracing diversity and inspiring students to become productive, educated members of our community.

“Today is a great day for our Mount Toro community. It marks the first time a permanent building will be added to this campus,” said Superintendent Burns. “The addition of this multipurpose room will serve many different purposes for our students and staff, including providing a greatly needed assembly space for our students, as well as an opportunity for a location to serve meals and a child care center for our teen mothers.”

Board President Padilla-Salsberg said Mount Toro serves a specialized purpose in the district. For many years staff have wanted to expand it in order to provide more student services. She said this building “will meet that desire and then some.”

“As a school board we have listened and today is a validation that we care deeply about all of our students and all of our learning communities,” said the Board President.  “The construction of this new facility demonstrates our dedication and commitment to making a difference for the Mount Toro High School students, staff and community.”

Principal Chaidez was thrilled with the new building concept and the opportunities it will provide

“We are very excited about the new building, the multi-purpose room and the child development center,” said Principal Chaidez, “and of all the possibilities that this building will bring to Mount Toro High School for years to come.”

The building is scheduled to be completed by July 31, 2019. The multi-purpose room includes a full kitchen and cafeteria room fixtures. Other planned improvements include an outdoor hardscape, a playground shade structure, upgrade to the site's marquee with a LED sign, and improvements to the existing parking lot. The project is designed to be in keeping with the architectural elements of the original (existing) school site.