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May 24, 2022

SUHSD What's Right

Jeannie Roland, Intervention Specialist and PBIS Lead (HMS) received the District Champion award at the MCOE PBIS Showcase for the 2021-2022 school year. She is a strong advocate for PBIS, SEL, and data-driven approaches. Her leadership in the HMS Wellness Center is what has helped the Husky Den to grow and better serve the needs of our students. Jeannie has an eye for systems and is always looking at where HMS is currently at and what they need to do to grow and improve. Congratulations Ms. Roland!


Stephen Elliott, Teacher (LPMS) was nominated as District Champion as Mr. Elliott models values and actively seeks for ways to grow PBIS at the La Paz Middle school. Thank you for supporting positive school climate and the Panther Way, Mr. Elliott!
Michelle Hunter, PBIS Clerk (RSJHS) was nominated as District Champion. She is always going above and beyond with fundraising, providing prizes, getting ideas, making RSJHS's Expedition parent newsletter and getting pictures in all over campus. From sports events to 5-star and concerts, Michelle is a very active part of the school site that everyone knows and loves because of the amount of love and work that she has put into RSJ. 
Constance Reeves, Teacher and Tier 1 Lead (ESMS) was nominated as District Champion and is recognized for being an advocate of promoting a PBIS culture in her classroom and school. She championed Spartan Re-set Day in the Spring and leads staff in recognizing students consistently. Way to go Ms. Reeves!
Jennifer Carr, Teacher (EPS) Ms. Carr was nominated as District Champion and constantly supported PBIS and is a member of our PBIS team here at El Puente. She goes above and beyond to support students on her own dime to ensure that her students are rewarded for positive behavior. 
Sandra Nieto, PBIS Clerk and acting Tier 1 co-lead (EAHS) was nominated as District Champion. Her organizational skills and focus on student needs have made the EAHS Wellness Center and Tier 1 meetings student-driven environments. She has extreme compassion and always thinks about students first. Her infectious amazing attitude models for EAHS students how to SoaRR (Be safe, respectful, and responsible) at EAHS. She also supports staff throughout the site to answer any PBIS/Tier questions including support of Tier 2 & 3 implementation.
Michelle Puga, Counselor and Tier 1 Lead (LPMS) was nominated as District Champion. She actively goes the extra mile during the planning and execution of our activities.  She supports our staff as well as our students and exemplifies what it means to be a Panther.
Stacey Piccuto, Teacher (WMS) was nominated as District Champion. Ms. Piccuto is a superior communicator who collaborates with teachers, counselors, students, and families to improve the overall school climate at WMS. She offers excellent ideas and is a leader amongst her colleagues due to her active participation and initiative in student engagement. She’s supported many school-wide interventions and activities to create, maintain and enhance a positive and welcoming environment at WMS.
Rafael Gandara, Teacher (HMS) was nominated as District Champion. Mr. Rafael Gandara has given out 26, 961 Bark Bucks this year. He has balanced them between all 3 of HMS' expectations. He has been awarded points as lead instructor and as a co-teacher. He is a true PBIS champion on the HMS campus.
Daniel Tellez, Campus Supervisor (WMS) was nominated as District Champion, Mr. Daniel Tellez has consistently gone above and beyond to create, maintain and enhance a positive and welcoming environment at WMS. He is one of the first and last individuals that students see on a daily basis. He rewards students that are following our “Bronco Way” expectations with “5 Star points”.
Teri Lopez, Principal, (WMS) received the District PBIS Admin of the Year at the MCOE PBIS Showcase 2021-2022 for her leadership in PBIS and school climate. She has consistently promoted PBIS at WMS through: active leadership support, attending team meetings, allocating funds to create, maintain and enhance a positive and welcoming environment at WMS. Ms. Lopez has been extremely supportive throughout PBIS implementation. She has supported and set up sustainable systems for all three tiers, championed teams to make data-based decisions, and fostered a positive school climate for all the Bronco Way. Through her leadership at WMS, the site received the Platinum medal from the California PBIS Coalition in 2020-2021. 

Maritza Maravillo, Principal (LPMS) was nominated for the District PBIS Admin of the Year for her work in supporting and promoting PBIS activities at La Paz Middle School which helps create a safe environment for students!
Ricardo Vazquez, Assistant Principal (EAHS) was nominated for the District PBIS Admin of the Year. He is very involved and passionate about working with students. He supports Tier 1 at EAHS and is actively engaged and supportive of PBIS! You SoaRR, Mr. Vazquez!
Kimberly McCullick, Principal (HMS) was nominated for District PBIS Admin of the Year. She is a strong, dedicated, growth-minded PBIS Champion at HMS. She is an integral, highly valuable, and active attendee at our Tier 1 meetings and a consistent supporter and participant in our PBIS programs. She actually models the school expectations of our 3R's on a daily basis as an individual and an administrator. 
Gerardo Zenteno, Assistant Principal (RSJHS) was nominated as a PBIS Admin of the Year. He supports the Tier 2/3 team at ESMS in implementing PBIS culture. Mr. Zenteno is always supporting the Spartan Way and guides the intervention processes at ESMS so Spartan students feel safe and cared for. 
Cheralynn Johnson, Teacher and Tier 1 Lead, Angelica Simons, Intervention Specialist and Tier 2-3 Lead, Anthony Morales, Assistant Principal/PBIS Admin Tier 1, and Vivian Moises, Assistant Principal/PBIS Admin Tier 2-3 (SHS). Salinas High School won the "Transformative Use of Technology Award" at the MCOE PBIS Showcase 2021-2022 for their student app displaying school events, counseling supports, and other elements that support school climate.