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May 25, 2021

Catherine Ortega Santos, EAHS Student, Hailey McDill, SHS Student, Kevin Cardenas, AHS Student, Oscar Ramos, SHS Student, Tyler Bathke, NSHS Student, for being Grand Prize Winners in the SUHSD CTE Student Showcase. Their work stood out in a field that included over 60 submissions from eight school sites representing five economic sectors. Their projects were considered by ten panelists and rose to the top over two rounds of judging. Great job!


Audrey Sharp, MTROP Vocational Evaluator/Transition Specialist; Bev Jensen, MTROP Teacher; Chris Evans, SHS Teacher; Gloria Estrada, MTROP Coordinator; James Nichols, SHS Teacher; James Warwick, SHS Teacher; Jesse Betancourt, EAHS Counselor; Leslie Ochinang, MTROP Teacher; Marcos Cabrera, SUHSD Communications Director; Marisol Rasul, AHS Teacher; Matt Fleming, MTROP Pathway Coordinator; Renata Lahodni, MTROP Teacher; Robert Booth, EAHS Teacher; Rosana Diaz, NSHS Teacher; Ruby Sprengle, NSHS Teacher; Salvador Arteaga, RSJHS Teacher; Scott Johnson, WMS Teacher, and  Shannon Graham, and Gary Walter, CTE District Advisory Commmittee Members, for their efforts in facilitating this year’s virtual CTE Student Showcase. Their support of this project provided students with a world-wide platform that celebrated and shared their excellent work with an authentic audience. The CTE Student Showcase featured over 60 student projects from eight school sites representing five economic sectors. Their work on the CTE Showcase was instrumental in making this project a success!