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February 23, 2021

Maintenance, Facilities, and Warehouse Employees, for their commitment, leadership, and on-going support through this pandemic. All our department employees have continued to report to work five days a week while many of the other sites have been or are on rotating shifts. We recognize the dedication and commitment during these difficult, challenging, and stressful times. We thank you for all that you do! Your hard work is recognized and appreciated.


Anthony Blains --- Painter

Julian Fernandez ---- Swimming Pool Technician

Misael Flores --- General Maintenance III

Orlando Garcia --- Plumber

Tom Gin ---Lead Carpenter

Tony Gutierrez --- General Maintenance II

Gilbert Hernandez – HVAC Mechanic

Nick Jenkinson--Locksmith

John Kampa – Delivery Driver

Paul Rivera---Electrician

Brian Rodgers --- Lead Painter

Fermin Rodriguez---Electrician

Richard Valenzuela---Locksmith

Richard Gonzalez --- Warehouse Delivery Driver

Mark Ramos—Warehouse Delivery Driver

Desirae Camel Brown—Account Clerk I

Angelica Tovar-Barry—Facilities Technician

Veronica Luquin – Account Clerk II


Rick Giffin, Bond Oversight Committee Member, for serving on each of the different bond oversight committees since 2003.  For 17 years he met with other members of the community who are responsible for overseeing the District’s financial activity of all of its bond monies.