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November 10, 2020

NSHS Counseling Staff, for their efforts in shifting their efforts in prioritizing Socio-emotional competencies with their students! They released their lesson on Understanding & Managing Stress in their weekly counseling modules. A pre and post survey was conducted with the activity.  There was an overwhelming positive response from students as documented by the post survey results!


Angelica Simons, Intervention Specialist and PBIS Lead (SHS), for receiving the District Champion award at the MCOE PBIS Showcase for all that she has done for PBIS at SHS during the 2019-2020 school year and prior. She is a strong advocate for PBIS Tiered Systems of support and lives and breathes the Cowboy Way. She has been an Intervention Specialist for the past six years at SHS; moreover, she has been a District PBIS coach for the past three years. Angelica has presented in Chicago with one of the leading PBIS leaders at the National PBIS Conference. Her dedication to PBIS and acknowledge all she has done to build a positive school climate and support students through interventions at SHS is appreciated.


Liliana Barrios, Assistant Principal, (LPMS), for receiving the District PBIS Admin of the Year at the MCOE PBIS Showcase for the work she has done at ESMS in 2019-2020 and prior. She is a strong advocate for PBIS in the District. For a number of years, she has been the PBIS Administrator at ESMS and set up sustainable systems for all three tiers, championed teams to make data-based-decisions, and fostered a positive school climate for all the Spartan Way. Through her leadership at ESMS, the site received the Platinum medal from the California PBIS Coalition in 2018-2019 and received the Overall District Sustainability Award from MCOE this year. We thank her for her service at ESMS and can't wait to see the wonderful things she does at LPMS.


Rachel Torres, Community Liaison (AHS), for receiving the Parent and Community Engagement Award at the MCOE PBIS Showcase for enhancing PBIS at AHS through her experience and expertise during the 2019-2020 school year and prior. She is readily available to help everyone in the AHS community and frequently meets with different groups such as “parents on campus”, ELAC, PBIS Tier 1, CORE, and School Site Council. She continuously connects with parents and the community with resources and supports teachers with effective home communication. Overall, she goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure pertinent information is communicated to all stakeholders.


Mark Beering, Intervention Specialist (ESMS), Tiana Mohondro, Teacher (ESMS), Berenice Rocha, Counselor (RSJHS), Tina Letlow, Teacher (ESMS), Leticia Street, Teacher (ESMS), Jilian Aesir, Teacher (ESMS), Dr. Maritza Torres, School Psychologist (LPMS), for being members of the ESMS PBIS teams during the 2019-2020 school year and were recognized for their sustainable systems that help support their Spartan students. At the MCOE PBIS Showcase, ESMS received the Overall District Sustainability Award as a result of their Tiered Fidelity Inventory scores and the percentage of Staff Self Assessments completed. We are proud and grateful for the work these members have done to create effective systems of support for students and a positive school climate at ESMS over the years.



Gloria Chaidez, Principal (MTHS), Melissa Gonzalez, Counselor (MTHS), Steve Alvarado, Teacher (MTHS), for leading the PBIS efforts at MTHS as PBIS Administrator and PBIS Leads during the 2019-2020 school year. MTHS was recognized for Completing the Greatest Percentage of Self Assessment Surveys. This survey helps gauge the staff perception and priorities of our tiered system of supports for students on campus. This data allows our PBIS teams to reflect on systems and make decisions for better school culture. We are proud of their achievements relating to having strong systems in place to serve students and families.


Laura Jimenez (AHS) Danny Lee (EAHS)  Ashley Shaffer (NSHS) Naftoli Pickard (SHS) Berenice Rico Rocha (RSJHS) Elizabeth Gonzales (ESMS) Lucia Hays (WMS), for participating in an SST (Student Study Team) Coordinator Working Group over the month of October to review the SUHSD SST Handbook and supporting documents, updating our flowchart to align to the tiered systems of supports, and creating resources to help support the families and students in understanding the function of a Student Success Team. Their input, time, and exceptional teaming is valued.