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September 8, 2020

SUHSD What's Right

Lisa Gonzales, Business Department Secretary, for working on site at the District Office since the pandemic began.  She is available to assist with the public needs and the needs of staff throughout the District.  

It has been very helpful to have her on site each day during these difficult times.


All SUHSD Teachers, for working overtime in order to upload old paper/desktop lessons into an online interactive engaging platform. Note the words interactive and engaging. Those are tough orders for teachers who are now putting in major hours to make their lessons captivating for a completely different audience – an audience far more slippery than thirty teenagers sitting at single desks in a classroom. Are they listening? Are they even watching what we are doing? Are they even in the room? These are the worries that plague every teacher across the district, but the fact that they are concerned in the level of engagement of each student is the true merit. Our teachers are dedicated and they want more than anything to help students succeed. That is why every teacher in the district deserves recognition for the heroic efforts made during a time of a global pandemic, wpolitical unrest, and 612 fires burning across our state.