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August 11, 2020

SUHSD What's Right

Reyanna Flores, Educational Services Secretary, for sitting at her kitchen table (acting desk during COVID-19) and continuously working all day, in addition to some nights. We thank her for going to the office on scheduled days, riding the waves as work never ends and has only gotten busier while new tasks arise due to the pandemic. Reyanna has a ridiculous organization skill level and great leadership skills. She is our go-to tech here at home. If we are having trouble connecting to zoom meetings, she jumps in and fixes the issue. Reyanna is a great asset to the Salinas Union High School District and we want to praise her work with the PD's that the district offered for staff training. As employees of the district, we don't really know all the work that goes into things, but because she sits infront of me (at our dinning table), I can see it with my own eyes. Her determination and commitment in her work definetly shows. Reyanna, thank you for the hard work during these dfficult times. You are greatly appreciated!

Aaron Tisdale, Amber Dodd, Brianna Ghan, Cameron Chien, Carolyn Wormley, Clayton Frederick, Courtney Roe, Erica Hashiba, Gabriel Rubino, Ivan Quiroz, Jason Chamberlin, Jenifer Rodgers, Jenness Bowling, Jilian Aesir, Katie Zelensky, Leticia Lopez, Margaret Power, Mark Gomez, Michelle Lupisan, Minako Kamimura, Paul Blanckmeister, Richard Solis, Robin Mendenhall, Robert Appel, Sarah Ryglicki, Scott Rose, Servando Narvaez, Sonia Cortez, Stephanie Cazarez, Steve Brau, William Thompson and Yoshiharu Azama, Teacher Tech Prep Presenters, for demonstrating a true collaborative spirit by combing their professional expertise and delivering an outstanding Summer Teacher Prep. This year, the SUHSD had over 370 participants that benefited from the the hard and diligent work of the presenters. This type of event would not be possible without their efforts.

Briana Ghan and Jen Rodgers, District Ed Technicians, for not taking any summer break and working tirelessly to support teachers with distance learning strategies, along with professional growth. Teachers are now better prepared to start classes for our students due to their immense efforts.

Kathy Perez, IT Student Information System Specialist, for going above and beyond to make sure everything is in order for teachers to return to distance learning. Kathy's dedication is amazing! She has been logging in at 7:00a.m. and logging off at 8:00p.m. to ensure teachers are better prepared to properly take attendance, post grades and have the most accurate information reflect in our system for our staff, students and parents.

Patricia Vargas, RSJHS teacher Librarian, for being a phenominal collaborator with the HSS teachers, in particular, these past two weeks leading up to the opening of the school year. She has graciously shared her knowledge of information science and learning, all while reminding our teachers of the wealth and resources the SUHSD has available to assist our students and teachers in developing the skills of research, source evalutation, recognizing bias and citing evidance to help students develope their civic voice.

JooLee Satchell, WMS Math Teacher, for continuously showing leadership in the district by offering math support classes and cirriculum and helping those from other schools by sharing resources, materials and expertise.

Cheralynn Johnston, SHS Teacher/Site Ed Tech Coach, for taking the initiative to learn the newly adopted Synergy Assessment platform and provide professional development (PD) to colleagues across the district during the 2020 Ready for Success PD session.

Elise La Pace, ALD & AVID HMS Teacher, for being a very special and caring individual. She goes out of her way to help others, both literally and figuratively. She is known to go above and beyond for her students to make sure their needs are met and rights are protected, which is why she was chosen as the last year to be the Teacher of the Year for Harden Middle School. She is also very caring to coworkers, Elise has taken her own precious time to get supplies for coworkers affected by COVID-19 and drives out of her way to make sure they have what they need to educate our students. Elise truly is and incredible person.

Alberto Martinez, IT Database Specialist, for his ongoing support to our 3,000+ English Learners. Over the last few weeks, Alberto has worked around the clock for our curricular integrations. Although his work schedule is heavily impacted, he has made time for check-ins regarding ELD and is unffailingly patient and detail-oriented.