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March 10, 2020

Aaron Tisdale, Jenness Bowling and Servando Navarez, AHS Teachers; Carolyn Wormly, Brian Tumminelli and Paul Blankmeister, EAHS Teachers; Briana Ghan, Information Services Educational Technologist; Jennifer Parker, Jennifer Parker, Jenifer Rodgers and Gabriella Rubino, HMS Teachers; Branden Alvarez and Stephen Elliot, LPMS Teachers; Lisa Lark and Patty Vargas, RSJHS teachers; Cheralynn Johnston and Bill THompson, SHS Teachers, for presenting at the 6th Annual SUHSD Technology Showcase. Due to their efforts, this year's tech Showcase received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Their work in preparing and delivering professional development to their colleagues is greatly appreciated and is essential for inspiring and sustaining effective technology integration in the SUHSD.

Juan Oliverez and Morgan Baker, ESMS Teachers; Catherine Leavitt and Jacob McKenzie, HMS Teachers; Amara Bell and Veronica Olea, LPMS Teachers; Scott Brown, WMS Teacher, for chaperoning and participating as writing coaches at the National Steinbeck Center's Annual Day of Writing. Sixty 7th graders were nominated to attend the event and their writing will be published in the 2020 version of the Gabilan Journal.

Kelley Ghione, NSHS teacher, for being a dedicated educator who goes above and beyond to make sure that her students are engaged in the cirriculum and successful in her class. She has not only shared her lessons with new teachers who needed extra support but has opened up her classroom to teachers across the district to come and observe her teaching in order to support them in their learning of the district adopted English 3D curriculum.

Emme Nordyke, EMS Teacher, for being a dedicated educator who geos above and beyond to make sure that her students are engaged in the cirriculum and are successful in her class. This year she has incorporated AVID journals and activities to further engaeg her students with the English 3D curriculum. As a result, Mrs. Nordyke has seen an increase in her student's confidence, engagement and skill test.