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January 28, 2019

Leslye Moreno, Administrative Secretary, Instructional Services; Ricardo Cervantes, Interim Plant Forman, La Paz Middle School; Saul Medrano, EAHS Student and Gerald Junsay, PC Technician, IT Department, for their help in setting up and supporting the 6th annual SUHSD technology Showcase. the Tech Showcase strives to inspire and sustain effective technologyintegration in the SUHSD. This type of event would not be possible without their efforts, because of their support, this year's tech Showcase received overwhelmingy positive feedback.

Kona Apilado, RSJHS Student, for his quick and responsible actions when a medical emergency took place in his class. Kona was the first student to react and find adult help.

Juan Ceja, RSJHS Student, for his quick and responsibleactions when a medical emergency took place in his class.

Lourdes Rivas, MTHS Probation Officer; Estela Ramirez and Deanna Gomez, Food Service Employees and Janice Aliotti, MTHS EL Specialist/IC Teacher, on their efforts for jumping into action with a student medical emergency. They assisted the student and stayed with him until medical personnel arrived. Officer Rivas administered CPR compressions, Deanna lifted and held the student's head, Estela brought supplies (towels) to help stop the bleeding and Janice provided updates on the student's condition and assisted the mom in remaining calm as ambulance personnel was administering aid to the student. It was an intense moment and everyone came together to ensure the safety and well-being of the student. Everyone is to be commended.