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December 10, 2019

Andrew Cortes, Melissa Melo, Jovanna Magana, Dylan Ward, Brandon Ward, Krista Chaboya, Cassandra Gonzalez, Evelyn Nunez, Sarahi Salinas, Itzel Santiago, Giselle Aguilar, North Salinas High School ROP Restaurant Career Students, for their time, professionalism and hard work volunteering to feed the homeless individuals and their families on their first day of Thanksgiving break. Students prepared a lunch meal and assisted on Thanksgiving to prepare feeding more than 800+ homeless people at Dorothy's Kitchen in Salinas.

Joseph Arias, Salinas High School Student, for making the wooden plaques for the 2019 Board Leadership Awards.

Jennifer Smith, Student Support Services Director; Ethelvina Sanchez-Vega and Petra Martinez-Diaz, Student Support Services Assistant Directors, for wokring tirelessly to support students with IEPs, the Special Education Department and the parents. They have been strong leaders and collaborators who ensure that students with special needs are served well.

Jeannie Roland and Reyna Vargas, HMS Intervention Specialists and Maria Ruiz, HMS Social Worker, for working endlessly to support wellness at Harden Middle School. They have worked diligently to establish that the Husky Den is up to protocols and procedures that support our school community.