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October 29, 2019

Ana Wilkes, El Specialist, for organizing a school-wide writing assignment in September for all the El Puente students. Students were to write about the accomplishments of an immagrant (of their choice as related to their current subject matter they are studying.) All El Puente teachers were involved in grading the essays using rubrics. Students who wrote outstanding essays were recognized in both the morning bulletin and a display case. Each of those students also received a prize. Mrs. Wilkes shared the essay results with all teachers showing areas of strength and areas where teachers can help students improve when they write their next essay. This is the first of a series of school-wide essays. All of this was put together by our EL Specialist, Ana Wilkes.

Yesenia Botello, Substitute Teacher, for working as a long term sub at EAHS in Spanish class until the arrival of a permanent classroom teacher. She has worked diligently with the PLC to provide appropriate and rigorous instruction to students and even postponed her trip to Mexico in order to stay on for a few days to help the new teacher transition. Yesenia's work is greatly appreciated!

Gregg Allen, Transportation Manager, for speaking to WMS parents during Wednesday morning meetings and for presenting to their ELAC. He continues to reach out to our families offering family support, encouragement and strategies in creating strong family relationshios. Students within the SUHSD are being given an incredible opportunity to attend a play in San Francisco, Hamilton. WMS & HMS students are attending on Wednesdays which ring a challenge of getting students to school early. Gregg Allen coordinated for both HMS & WMS to be picked up early. We really appreciate his efforts and the transportation department for making it all happen.

Alexandra Reyes, RSJHS Textbook Clerk, for always being willing to help when needed, especially in the library and Homework Center. Her positivity and contributions to the sites do not go unnoticed.

Ashley (Farland) Lopez, RSJHS Science Teacher, for leading her department in their work with NGS, always being willing to do supervision in the hallways and going above and beyond to support our students and staff.

Lorena Ochoa, ESMS Teacher; Paul Scavo and Jen Rodgers, HMS Teachers; Kim McCullick, HMS Principal; Bobby Cannon, Director of Assessment, Research and Accountability; Jason Chamberlin, AHS Teacher; Briana Ghan, EAHS Teacher; Jonathan Green, NSHS Assistant Principal; Bill Thompson and Lisa White, SHS Teachers; Antonio Garcia, Diretor of Educational Services; Katie Zelensky, Resource Teacher and Lorand Incze, ROP Coordinator, for their efforts in working on the 2019-2022 Educational Technology Plan. Their vision, experience and knowledge contributed to an excellent and productive collaboration amongst committee members. This collaboration resulted in a new plan that will build on successes of its predecessor and will continue to propel the SUHSD forward in using technology to enhance and transform student learning.

La Paz Middle School, for receiving an overall rating of exemplary during the August 30th Williams Settlement visit. Thank you to all of the teachers, support staff and administration for all of their hard work. La Paz Middle School did not have any facility deficiencies identified during the Williams Settlement visit.