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September 24, 2019

Lori O'Brien, EAHS Teacher, for volunteering to participate in multiple groups that aim to support student's academic and emotional growth. She is currently running the after school homework center, is a member of the PBIS Tier 1 team, and she is also interested in running the Saturday Eagle Academy. Ms. O'Brien is always student-focused and aims to ensure that all students succeed.

Jacob McKenzie, HMS Teacher, for doing a fantastic job leading his PLC at Harden Middle School this year. The facilitation of his PLC was exemplary and grounded in the PLC Rubric. The team's norms and working agreements are established and are being consistently followed. He has selected structures and processes to ensure that all members participate and are aligned to meeting outcomes. The team has identified essential standards and have already completed their first common assessment. On top of all that has been achieved, they were also able to balance a great commitment to fostering the growth of 3 newly hired teachers in the team.