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August 27, 2019

Roderick (Ricky) Apostol, EAHS Custodian, for working hard in preparing the school site for the start of the school year. He is dedicated, diligent and efficient.

Ricardo Negrete, RSJHS Lead Custodian, for being a team player and always handeling anything taht comes his way. He worked hard all summer in preparing the grand opening. He also has done a great job despite having limited resources and support.

Juan Flores, RSJHS Plant Foreman, for single handedly keeping the site clean and get ready for students and staff.

Curtis Flores, RSJHS Custodian, for his big efforts in keeping the site student and staff ready every day.

Megan Myers, EAHS Teacher, for being the head of the Sunshine Commitee and working diligently to spread joy and foster a positive staff culture. She made succulent gifts for new staff, is celebrating every staff's birthday While aslo sendign out treats to all of the staff at EAHS. She has been an amazingly positive force on campus which has helped make this one of the best school openings in recent memory.

Jesus Herrera, SHS Attendance Technician, for going above and beyond to help the Registrar's Office and for connecting with parents and students over the summer.

Karla Fragoso, SHS El Clerk, for being helpful to everyone around her, especially in the Registrar's Office.

Cynthis Dennis, SHS Attendance Clerk, for being a huge help in the Registrar's Office over the summer.

Naomi Macias, SHS Registrar Clerk, for staying late when needed and smiling through the constant, never ending lines of people trying to register. Thank you for working hard every single day.

Jesus Enrique Delgadillo-Ponce, EPS Student, for gettinh a perfect score on his Mathematics HiSET test.

Alex Urciuoli and Clovis Clinton, EPS Teachers, for helping Jesus Enrique Delgadillo-Ponce, EPS Student, get a perfect score on his Mathematics HiSET test.

Karen Verduzco, EPS Counselor and Leandra Magdaleno, EPS Intervention Specialist, for their hard work and dedication in making the opening of the school year a smooth one.

Aaron Tisdale and Jenness Bowling, Servando Navarez, AHS teachers; Brian Tumminelli, Carolyn Wormley, Daniel Pantoja, Paul Blankmeister, Stephanie Cazarez, Steve Brau, Sarah Rygliki, EAHS Teachers; Ethan McDaniel, Sonia Cortez, Tiana Mohondro, ESMS Teachers; Jennifer Parker, Jenifer Rodgers, Paul Scavo, Kelly Pratt, HMS Teachers; Steve Alvarado, MTHS Teacher; Diane Tucker, NSHS Teacher; Natalie Bernasconi and Patty Vargas, RSJHS Teachers; Bill Thompson and Caroline Edwards, SHS Teachers; Desiree Williams, SPED TSA and Gabriella Gonzalez Silva, SHS Student, for being presenters at the 2019 tech Prep. This year's event was one of the best yet and their efforts were instrumental in it's success. Here is a sampling of the overwhelming positive feedback received from attendees: "Each session was well prepared adn informative" "I learned highly valuable strategies and resources" "I already started to integrate some of the things I learned into my lesson plans" "This is an integral part of my ongoing education" "Superior to any large scale PD offered to teachers"

Paul Scavo, HMS Teacher; Amber Dodd, AHS Teacher; Kate Sheehan, RSJHS Teacher; Cheralynn Johnston, SHS Teacher and Kathy Perez, Information Services, for training new employees at this year's "New Teacher Orientation". Their efforts were conducive in helping prepare incoming staff for the upcoming school year and for staff to build their familiarity with the SUHSD technology applications and strategies.