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August 13, 2019

Sergio Sanchez, EAHS Plant Foreman; Francisco Gutierrez, Antonio Zamora, Roberto Ordaz, Sam Ramos and Miguel Rodriguez, EAHS Custodians, for doing a great job re-installing the computers and phones after deep-cleaning the rooms. This means a lot to the teachers when they return and helps make sure the technology is operational on the first day of school.

Paul Scavo and Rob Appel, Educational Technologists, for their commitment to excellence in technology training and support in addition to their genuine willingness to help with every type of technological question and concern.

Tom Tompkins, Lead Print Technician, for his utmost professionalism and immediate reponse to the request from the Student Support Services Department to create their Functional Academics Curricular Framework Handbook. He also had a direct impact on teachers feeling extremely valued and confident in facilitating a successful orientation to their colleagues.

Marilyn Espinoza, SHS Registrar, for her hard work over the summer, including the work she did with the community Liaison to verify addresses.

Naomi Macias, SHS Registrar Clerk, for her hard work during the busy summer days of registration.

Rachel Alfaro, SHS Assistant Principal Secretary, for her patience in learning the budget and her continued efforts to keep learning.

Amra Barajas, SHS Assistant Principal Secretary, for being a great help in the summer and for being a payroll master.

Ursula Valles, SHS Assistant Principal Secretary, for being a great leader and assiting the principal while her secretary was on maternity leave.