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January 22, 2019

Vivian Moises, SHS Assistant Principal, and Angie Martinez, SHS Secretary, for dedicating many hours to ensure Winter Intersession ran smoothly.  Winter Intersession was successful with 151 student completers.

Maria Villalpando, EAHS Registrar, for coming to SHS to help their registrar clean all student files and relabel them.

Naomi Macias, SHS Registrar's Clerk, and Marilyn Espinoza, SHS Registrar, for working all Winter Break doing inventory of all student files in the Registrar's Office.  All cum files were relabeled and organized.

Patty Lamar, SHS Athletic Director, and Mark Dover, SHS Activities Director, for dedicating many hours of their Winter Break to attend all athletic events.  

Rodney Atchlety, EPS Teacher, for contacting a parent on a regular basis and allowing her to come as a visitor to the classroom.  The parent appreciated the effort.

Aaron Tisdale, Amber Dodd, and Servando Narvarez, AHS Teachers; Carolyn Wormley and Daniel Pantoja, EAHS Teachers; Stacy Daigh, Jenifer Rodgers, Gabriella Turpin,  and Kelly Pratt, HMS Teachers; Antonia Astone and Michael Palomares, LPMS; Jen Ghastin and Jaime Laiblin, NSHS Teachers; Bill Thompson, SHS Teacher; Rebecca Lamont, WMS Teacher, and Gabriella Gonzalez Silva, SHS Student, for presenting at the 2019 Technology Showcase. This professional development event is essential for helping SUHSD teachers learn how to use technology to transform learning and teaching. Their efforts in creating a presentation and facilitating a session contributed to making this year’s Technology Showcase an impactful event. In addition, their willingness to share their expertise and interests with colleagues is greatly appreciated.

Sarah Foy; Jacqueline Tacorda; Brenda Perez; Jazehel Jimenez; Estefany Reyes-Grant; Hadas Bole; Scott Johnson; Rebecca Lamont; and Sarah Burkhart, WMS Teachers and Adrian Murillo, WMS Intervention Specialist, Alison Guerin, WMS Speech Therapist and Valerie Valdez, PBIS Clerk for organizing and practicing for professional development to be implemented on Jan 29. The teams' organization and thorough preparation took place at least three months in advance which is resulting in a powerful PD focused on creating an optimal environment for behaviorally diverse groups of learners.