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November 13, 2018

Hayley Norman and Mario Delgado, EAHS Intervention Specialists, Laura Suarez, EAHS PBIS Clerk, Anthony Santos, EAHS Detention Center Aide, and Adrianna Morales, EAHS Counselor, for all thier hard work this year to support students' academic and social/emotional growth through relationship building, counseling support, de-escalation, estorative practices, and parent and communtiy engagement.

Brian Tumminelli, EAHS Teacher, for leadinf a Saturday Intervention for over 44 World History students to re-teach essential standards, re-take assessments, and have time to work on missing assignments in order to help bring up grades before the end of the grading period.

Sheryl Vega, Paul Bogden, Ana Barrera, Ana Topete, EAHS English Teachers, and Hayley Newman, EAHS Intervention Specialist, for working multiple Saturday Interventions in the Fall semester, giving students 1:1 tutorial support in various content areas which help students complete assignments, make up work, and make up attendance. these teachers have helped support over 200 students this year alone.

Marilyn Espinoza, SHS Registrar; Maria Villalpando EAHS Registrar; Jessica Galindo, AHS Registrar; Emily Mercado, NSHS Registrar; Kathy Perez, DO Application Specialist; Alberto Martinez, DO PC Program Coordinator; Elizabeth Reyes, RSJHS Administrative Secretary; Adriana Bravo, District Receptionist; Tracy Yamamoto, Benefits Technician; Angie Tovar-Berry, Facilities technician; Anna Christina Lopez, facilities Acoount Clerk, for thier time and hardwork on the new District boundaries. This could not have been done without them.