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ROP Ground Breaking Ceremony

ROP Ground Breaking Ceremony

ROP GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY District administration and Board members joined ROP Director Ivonne Glenn on Friday, October 26 to break ground on the new CTE Public Service and Health Sector Laboratory building on the ROP campus.

Trustee Evamarie Martinez, who was one of the driving forces behind the project’s conception, was excited to break ground. “The new building has been a passion of mine ever since I got here on the Board in 2009. It’s been part of my platform and part of what my messaging is currently. So I’m very proud to have been a part of the team, not just myself but my colleagues as well and our administration, that we were able to come together to find the budget for this and to be able to be on the Board to actually see it happen,” said Trustee Martinez.

Trustee Martinez added that she and her colleague Trustee Phillip Tabera were inspired by a visit to another ROP site that had a similar lab building. “We just got the vision and said we need to run with this and here we are.”

Superintendent Dan Burns said the building marks a new opportunity for program growth, and it also signifies great prosperity for a great program that will serve many generations to come. “The staff here at ROP and in our vocational programs at our school sites are champions for students. They work every day to realize the vision of embracing and inspiring students to become productive, educated members of their community,” he commented.

The new 6,240 sq. foot building will house two medical classroom laboratories and one firefighting science classroom, four teacher offices, and both student and staff restrooms. Site work for the project provides additional parking and hardscapes with concrete wood/seat walls and paths of travel from the new building to the existing ROP campus.

 Source: The Focus...