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Daily Announcements



Thursday 23 May


  • Bodacious Broncos meet Today at lunch for the Induction Ceremony of New International Theatre Actors. The meeting will be short and cookies will be served.
  • Comic Book Club meets today at lunch in room 22.
  • Don't forget to check out our final Bronco Buzz! It's posted on the Bronco Way in Classroom.
  • Broncos yesterday’s festivities were an outstanding display of we can accomplish when we lean in together, when we choose to join in to get the job done. Staff because of your dedication, hard work, unique talents and willingness to strive for perfection you made memories that will last a lifetime for so many! Well done Broncos, well done!
  • 8th graders your panoramic pictures have arrived! They are in the student store please come by today and pick them up. Don’t forget to come to the student store today!
  • If you are going on the party bus today, party bus 1 meet at 915 in the cafeteria and party bus 2 meet at 11 right after 3rd period . See you then!