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Important Safety Changes for 2019-20

Welcome to NSHS!  Your student’s safety and security is our primary concern.  The Administration, together with the faculty and staff have developed the guidelines below to significantly increase campus wide safety.  

To maintain a safe and secure campus:

  1. All students, staff and visitors must carry an ID at all times. 
  2. Visitors must sign-in at the main office and wear a visitor ID.   Person/s who do not have an ID will not be allowed on campus.
  3. Third part food delivery services will not be allowed on campus.  This includes, but is not limited to UBER EATS, DOORDASH. NSHS offers free lunch for all students and provides ‘a la carte’ food for purchase.  
  4. Parent’s delivering items to their child may do so in person directly at lunch time.   Parent’s must park in the visitor’s parking spaces in the front of the school and wait for their child directly in front of the school entry to retrieve delivered items during the lunch period.   

     Lunch Schedule:

              Monday through Friday 12:15 – 12: 58 p.m.

              Collaboration Wednesday’s:   12:39-1:16 pm. 

  1. The NSHS front office staff will no longer allow parents/guardians to ‘drop off’ items at the front office for their child during the school day, except in the case of a medical need.   If parent/guardians needs to drop off an item for their child, they may do so during the lunch period following the guidelines noted in #4.

Thank you for your support for these safety rules.