The Cowboy Way (PBIS)

  • We love Salinas High School! We are the home of the Cowboys! 

    What is PBIS?

    Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS), is a nationwide initiative that Salinas High implements, known as “The Cowboy Way”. It's a set of clear, positive behavior expectations to help guide student behavior in all facets of life through distance learning. To Salinas High School, the Cowboy Way means Safe, Honorable, and Sensible. Through school wide lessons, modeling, posters, and more, we explicitly communicate those behavior expectations to students. In addition, the PBIS framework that we’ve built around the Cowboy Way has provided students with academic tutorials, mentoring, behavior support, and other interventions for students at high risk. The Cowboy Way rewards students for following our expectations and for “being #SHS” -As part of our acknowledgement program, we hold weekly raffles and select students of the week these positive rewards encourage students to practice and internalize the behaviors we teach. So far this year, the number of referrals has decreased school wide and students are receiving greater academic and behavioral support to help them stay on track during this difficult time. 

    The Cowboy Way

    The Cowboy Way helps encourage every student to be SAFE, HONORABLE, and SENSIBLE. Each teacher has created class policies and procedures that intervene and support each of these three behavior expectations.

    PBIS Annual Newsletter 2019-2020

    The Cowboy Way helps encourage every student to be SAFE, HONORABLE, and SENSIBLE. Please read our annual newsletter here.

    PBIS 2019-2020 Awards





    • Classroom interventions and supports
    • Schoolwide lessons
    • Progress Reports / Report Cards
    • Homework Center
    • Personal/Small Group Tutoring 
    • Semester Remediation
    • Summer Academies


    • Classroom interventions and supports
    • Progress Reports / Report Cards
    • Schoolwide Lessons
    • Check-In/Check-Out 
    • Virtual Wellness Center
    • Alternative to Suspension 


    Cowboy of the Week

    The following students have demonstrated The Cowboy Way by being Safe, Honorable, and Sensible during online class. They have been nominated by one or more of their teachers. All students received a Moive or Back to School kit filled with goodies. You can support us by talking about what Safe, Honorable, and Sensible looks like at home and how those skills transfer to the school environment. 

     Cowboy of the Week

    Cowboy of the week winners  




    The Cowboy Way Handbook

    Guide to Report Bullying

    Guia Para Reportar la Intimidacion