Bianca Archuleta

    Ms. Bianca Archuleta MSW, PPSC, CWA - Associate Clinical Social Worker #96868

    • Provide Mental Health Services

    • Crisis Support

    • Connect students and families to resources

    Esmeralda Sa

    Ms. Esmeralda Saavedra, LMFT - Psychiatric Social Worker II

    • Provides Individual therapy


    Ms. Laura Xirum - CHS Counselor & Drug Resource Specialist

    • Social-emotional support counseling 

      • Develop new skills to increase self-awareness and personal growth.

    • Substance Abuse Counseling (prevention and education)

      • The Seven Challenges Program

      • Brief Challenges

      • Vape Offense Workshop (Only Admin Refers)

    • Anger management classes

      • Develop skills to improve understanding of anger and how to manage emotions.

    • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT Club) 

      • Provide awareness about alcohol and drugs to your school community. ( up to 20 hr. Of community service hours.) 

    *All counseling sessions are confidential.*

    Sticks & Stones Counselor

    • Provides counseling services to students who have experienced Trauma

    • Sticks and Stones Counselor (only serves tier II)

    • Intern



    Ms. Karla Matias, M.S., PPSC; Psychologist

    • Academic , behavioral, & mental health support
    • Evaluation, assessment, and data analysis 
    • Consultation with teachers and families 
    • Culturally responsive services
    • Crisis prevention and response



    Mr. Moises Ramirez Garcia; Facilitator of Restorative Justice

    Restorative Justice is  a set of principles and practices that shape our community and suggest processes that restore relationships when harm has occurred. Restorative Justice practices support and compliment current school initiatives and can definitely be used to impact school culture, discipline, and academic needs. 

    Consists of:

    • Coaching, consulting, modeling and training in  Restorative Practices

    • Restorative alternatives to punitive disciplinary policies

    • Equitable alternatives to detention/suspension/expulsion

    • Community Building Circles

    • Conflict Resolution ( Repair Harm & Transform conflict) Circles

    • Restorative Conferences and Mediation

    Help your student, your staff and your community reflect on character, behavior, and repairing harm