Building and Construction Trades Sector Information

  • Sector description: The Construction Technology and Green Construction Academy Pathways are designed to prepare students for entry level positions as mechanical helper, carpenter apprentice, cabinet maker and installer or woodworker or related fields. Students study skills as robotics, electronics, manufacturing processes, pneumatics, mechanisms, and computer design technologies, planning, designing, layout, estimating, problem solving, and fabrication of wood products, use of simple jigs and fixtures, cabinetmaking and furniture making, nomenclature and advanced operational techniques of woodworking and cabinet shop equipment, creating blueprints, project packets, and student-centered construction projects , all necessary for entry level positions in the above mentioned employment fields.

    Certifications: Certifications                                                                                                     

     Building and Construction Trades Sector

    Employment opportunity:

    Entry Level (w/H.S. diploma)

    Technical Level (w/AA or AS or certificate)

    Professional Level (w/BA or BS degree)

    Mechanical helper

    Carpenter apprentice


    Cabinet maker

    Cabinet installer

    Aircraft Cabinet maker


    Cabinet delivery

    Manufacturing technician

    Entry level quality control inspector

    Product designer

    Cabinet design programmer

    Training coordinator

    Sales and kitchen designer

    CAD designer - cabinets

    Associate drafter/Designer

    Quality control engineer

    Engineer Intern

    Construction Project Engineer

    Cabinet design engineer

    CAD/Vectorworks drafter


    Construction manager

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