Business and Finance Sector Information

  • Sector description: The Business Management Pathway is designed to prepare students for entry level positions as account clerk, office technician, computer operator and IT trainee or related fields. Students study skills as word processing, spreadsheets, database, desktop publishing, presentation software, touch typing using the QWERTY keyboard system, Microsoft Office Suite, STEM, HTML programming, and computer literacy, all necessary for entry level positions in the above mentioned employment fields.                                                                            

    Employment opportunity:

    Entry Level (w/H.S. diploma)

    Technical Level (w/AA or AS or certificate)

    Professional Level (w/BA or BS degree)

    Account Clerk

    Computer operator part time

    Evidence technician

    Office technician

    IT Trainee

    Administrative Assistant

    Business Office Administrator

    Eligibility worker

    IT Support technician

    Financial Aid Specialist

    Database Administrator


    Business process manager

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