What is a Wellness Center?

    Wellness Centers provide safe, supportive environments on school campus where students can go to discuss a variety of issues from sadness, grief, loss, self-esteem, family life and stress, sexual identity and other socio-emotional health needs. Through both on-campus programming and community-based partnerships, students receive coordinated health education, assessment, counseling and other support services to maximize student engagement and success.

    What kinds of concerns does the Wellness Center address?

    Wellness addresses a wide variety of socio-emotional concerns that may be interfering with success in school.

    What types of services are provided for students? 

    Students can participate in a variety of services including mental health, counseling, referrals to community agencies and more. Wellness services provided to youth are free and confidential! All school personnel are mandated reporters. If students report harm to self or harm to others, then staff are required to report that information.

    How do I refer a student to the Wellness Center? 

    Students can be referred to Wellness Services by contacting the student’s our den clerk, speaking to anintervention specialist or speaking to a counselor.  In addition, students can also self-refer or refer friends by coming directly to the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center is a safe and caring space, students are not in trouble when they are referred or when they drop in.

    Refer a student by clicking here or by calling 796-7300 x8304 and leaving a message. We are checking messages 1/week.

    Who is on the Wellness Team?

    • Nayeli Serrano, Den Clerk
    • Berlina Nunez, Counseling Clerk
    • Daisy Cuevas, Intern
    • Alondra Escobar, Intern
    • Elizabeth Gonzalez, Counselor
    • Irene Bailey, Counselor
    • Lorena Avila, Counselor
    • Jeannie Roland, Intervention Specialist
    • Mary Colima, Sticks and Stones Counselor
    • Maria Ruiz, School Social Worker
    • Sarah Altman, Monterey County Behavioral Health Therapist
    • Shenida Yu, School Psychologist
    • In addition, we have developed partnerships with Harmony at Home to provide Crisis Response Services

    How often will students miss classes to utilize Wellness services?

    Students may drop in for a brief counseling session or for a structured break once a day for 15 minutes. Student groups may take up to one hour once a week. Wellness Center providers will be required to alternate class periods for appointments and/or group sessions so that students do not miss the same class regularly. All students are issued a call slip for wellness center appointments. In addition, students may self refer as needed and is limited to once a day. During distance learning, students will not be schduled during synchronous class sessions.

    Where exactly is the Wellness Center located?

    Harden Middle School’s Wellness Center is located is located in the back of the school near the softball fields. We have shifted operating using virtual spaces during distance learning.

    Can teachers use Wellness Center services?

    Although Wellness services are intended for youth, we also have health and mental health resources available for staff. If you would like support please come talk to us – we are here for you!


    Need mental health support, but NOT in crisis:
    In crisis, Suicide National hotline:
    Suicide National Text Line:
    Grief and Loss support in Monterey County:
    The following links are for substance use treatment:
    CHS Daisy:
    Door to Hope: (dual diagnosis substance use and mental health)
    Mental Health and Substance use:
    For assessment to receive mental health and/or substance use treatment, Step 1:
    Go to a Regional Offices during Walk-in hours for an assessment for ALL ages. 

    ACCESS Salinas Walk in hours 10am-2pm Monday-Friday  – 1441 Constitution Blvd. Bldg 400, Suite 202, Salinas CA 93906
    ACCESS King City Walk in hours 10am-2pm Tues/Thurs – 200 Broadway Suite 70, King City, CA 93930
    ACCESS Soledad Walk in hours 10am-2pm Mon/Wed – 359 Gabilan Drive, Soledad, CA 93960
    ACCESS Marina Walk in hours 10am-2pm Monday-Fri – 299 Twelfth Ave, Marina, CA 93933

    Questions? Please contact our Den Clerk at 796-7300 x8304. or email us by clicking here. 

  • Nayeli Serrano
    Den Clerk
    796-7300 x8304

    Jeannie Roland
    Intervention Specialist
    796-7300 x8305

    Mary Colima
    Sticks and Stones Counselor
    796-7300 x1

    Maria Ruiz
    , PPSC, LCSW
    School Social Worker
    796-7300 x8310

    Sarah Altman
    Psychiatric Social Worker
    796-7300 x8307



    Helpful information and links:

    Google Classroom All Health and Wellness Lessons are in Google Classroom. If you would like to be added as a PARENT to keep an eye on your student, please email Doris.finona@salinasuhsd.org. 8th grade classroom STUDENT code: hzlfdw6. 7th grade classroom STUDENT code: z366plb.

    Why Try Parent Guide This is a resource guide for parents to use during any stressful time.

    Community Resources This is a list of names of numbers of resources you may need in our area.