• Welcome to Mission Trails Regional Occupational Program (ROP) Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program. 

    CNA Course Description: 

    This course consists of 60 hours of theory and 100 hours of clinical training in long term facilities.  Both aspects of the program incorporate the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 guidelines for nursing assistant education as well as the most current module requirements of the California Department of Health Services.  The course focuses on sage and effective functioning when providing nursing care, and when working in other healthcare settings.  Emphasis is placed on nursing assistant skills and functions and the psychosocial approach to care.  Throughout the course, caring, understanding, respect for the individual, personal choice, and dignity of person are attitudes that are conveyed to the nursing assistant. 


    Course Goal:

    To prepare the student to successfully pass the California Nurse Assistant Competency Examination and be able to obtain employment in any of the following: acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, board-care homes, home health agencies, public health clinics and doctors’ offices.

    This course prepares student CNAs to work collaboratively with inter-disciplinary teams which include nurses, lab technicians, maintenance workers, housekeepers, social workers, physical & occupational therapists and patient’s family members.


    (Cost of the State examination fee is not included in the course fee.)

    Total Course Enrollment Fee

    $1,200.00 (includes textbook and supplemental FACETS online resources) 


    We collaborate with federal agencies to support students with financial needs.



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  • Weekly Schedule under Covid-19 Restrictions: 

    January 12, 2021-May 27, 2021 


    MTROP has been authorized  by the California Department of Public Health to continue offering adult CNA classes under high restrictions and strict safety protocols to ensure student and staff safety. During Covid and until further notice, will continue offering 3 classes with a maximum of 6 students in each cohort for a total of 18students enrolled per semester. 


    FALL 2020 Cohort 1 


    8:00-11:00 am Theory

    1:00--5:00 pm  Clinical 


    FALL 2020 Cohort 2 


    SPRING 2021 Cohort 1 


    4:00 pm-8:00 pm 


    SPRING 2021 Cohort 2 


    8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 

    Rachel Failano

    CNA Instructor 

    (831) 753-4209 x1235 



    Brenda Bower

    CNA Instructor

    (831) 753-4209 x1234



    Alexandra Castillo

    Typist Clerk II  

    (831) 753-4209 x1203



If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.