Information and Communication Technology Sector Information

  • Sector description: The Computer Science, Networking and Software and Systems Development Pathways are designed to prepare students for entry level positions as computer maintenance technician apprentice, IT technician apprentice, robot service technician apprentice or related fields. Students study skills as development and use of algorithms, computer programming, computer hardware and software, operating systems, computer networking, robotic automation, engineering practices, CAD & CAM and science skills, all necessary for entry level positions in computer, IT or robotic automation fields.

    Certifications: Certifications:

     Information and Communication Technology Sector

    Employment opportunity:

    Entry Level (w/H.S. diploma)

    Technical Level (w/AA or AS or certificate)

    Professional Level (w/BA or BS degree)

    Computer maintenance technician apprentice

    Computer support technician

    Customer service representative

    IT Technician apprentice

    Robot service technician apprentice


    Computer maintenance technician

    Computer report technician

    IT Technician

    Entry Level IT Analyst

    Software developer

    Robot service technician

    Robotics programmer


    Game Programmer

    Digital data forensic examiner

    Hardware engineer

    Software engineer

    Computer engineer

    Senior programmer

    Network engineer

    IT Manager

    Machine Learning engineer

    Automation engineer

    Robot support engineer

    Robotics engineer

    3D Medical Animator

    Layout editor

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