• 28th Annual Crab Feed

    The Athletic Booster Club enhances and supports the athletic program at Salinas High. The Booster Club's financial support is critical to the continued success of over 1000 athletes. All of the funds raised by the Club go to support the athletic program in the form of equipment, trophies, awards, uniforms, coaches training, upgrades on the facilities, etc.
    Meetings are held every other Monday at 6:30 pm from August until December. January through May we meet one Monday a month. Summer meetings are as needed.  Officers are elected each spring for the following year and are two-year terms. Spring 2018 elections will be open.
    Booster Club Members receive a membership card entitling them to discounts on all home games.  A portion of the membership fee goes directly to the team of the member's choice.  The savings on entrance fees can quickly outweigh the cost of a membership.  Every year, the Club holds a variety of fundraisers to support our athletic program - Concessions sales, the Annual Crab Feed, and the Fall Membership Drive are the largest.  
    Joining the Booster Club is fun, rewarding and a great way to meet other parents and be involved!  
    For more information send us an Email:  shscowboyboosters@gmail.com

    Booster Membership Forms 2019-2020

    Booster Meeting Schedule