• ASB Pres 20-21

     Hey Eagles!                              

     My name is Naveah Sabillo and I’m honored to say I will be serving as your ASB President for the 2020-21 school year. I’m determined to   ensure that this school year is one of the most memorable for all of us and to make it one of the best. Entering this position, I made sure to   emphasize that the two main things I value are inclusion and student voice. I never want a student to feel like they don’t belong or to feel like   their voice and opinions are ignored. EAHS is a campus that welcomes and accepts all!
     To class of 2024, welcome to the Eagle family! I’m so excited for you guys to enter this new chapter of your lives and I encourage you all to live these next four years to the fullest as they go by pretty quickly. To class of 2021, we finally made it! All the hard work we have put in is finally   paying off and this is the year we have all been anticipating. Don’t be afraid to make new friends and to try new things. I encourage you all to   partake in making this school year one to remember!
     I’m excited to meet you all!
     Naveah Sabillo
     ASB President