• Cross Country Team Rules

    We shall support each other and encourage, NO put downs.
    Be on time to practice with the proper running attire.
    Be ready and willing to work hard during practice.
    Bring paperwork when asked, example the Emergency Information Card, Field Trip form.
    Please report all injuries that may take place during practice or during a race.
    Be respectful to all team members.


    Attendance is very important, only vaild absence will be admitted, for example Dr's appointments.
    Missing one practice will result in a warning.
    Missing two practices will result in placing you at the end of the wline when assigning rides for the races.
    Missing three practices will result in not being able to attend the following race and a phone call home.
    Missing four practices will result removal from the team.

    Behavior Problems will result in being asked to leave the team

    1st Behavior Problem will result in a side conversation.
    2nd Behavior Problem will result in a side conversation and a phone call home.
    3rd Behavior Problem will result in removal from the team.

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  • Coach (Cross-Country & Track)
    Contact Info: 831-796-7200