• The Department of Educational Services is excited to support and partner with school-site leadership- both teachers and administrators- to ensure every student receives a high-quality educational experience to prepare them for success after high school graduation.  

    Our department is comprised of seven Curriculum Specialists in the content areas of ELA, ELD, Science, Math, and Instructional Coaching.  Our Curriculum Specialists are expert educators and professional developers focused on implementing our district instructional program through high-quality professional development and coaching of site certificated staff and administrators.

    Our role is to support the vision and mission of our district’s Instructional Services Department:

    Vision: School sites are successful in the implementation of district initiatives and compliance.

    Mission:  Our mission is to provide meaningful and relevant learning opportunities for personal and professional growth and to provide support that is systematic, transparent, and research-based through a lens of equity.


  • 1900 Independence Blvd.
    Room 817
    Salinas, CA  93906
    Office: (831) 796-7864                Fax: (831) 796-7886

    Educational Services
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2359

    Antonio Garcia

    Rebecca Liciaga
    Administrative Secretary 
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2363

    Reyanna Flores
    Secretary I
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2473

    Yo Azama
    District Lead Instructional Coach
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2360

    Cher Nicolas Appel
    ELD Curriculum Specialist
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2481

    Katie Zelensky
    ELA Curriculum Specialist
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2471

    Viki Moustakas
    ELD Curriculum Specialist
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2474

    Leticia Lopez
    HS Math Curriculum Specialist
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2365

    Lynne Sindel
    MS Math Curriculum Specialist
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2364

    Robin Mendenhall
    Science Curriculum Specialist
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2362

    Joyce Wilkinson
    Science Curriculum Specialist
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2362

    Mark Gomez
    Social Studies Curriculum Specialist
    (831) 796-7864, ext. 2361