Migrant Education Program Overview

  • Migrant Education

    Program Purpose

    The Migrant Education Program is federally funded and designed to enrich and respond to the educational and
    health needs of Migrant students. The program designs services to help Migrant students to overcome educational
    disruption, cultural and language barriers, social isolation, various health related issues, and other factors that inhibit
    the ability of students to do well in school.

    Our Mission

    The Migrant Education Program of the Salinas Union High School District will empower and support students and
    families with resources to overcome barriers, defeat limits to succeed academically, and achieve their personal and
    professional goals.
    El Programa de Educación Migrante de Salinas Union High School District empoderar a los estudiantes y familias
    con recursos para superar barreras, vencer límites para tener éxito académico y alcanzar sus metas personales y

    Program Eligibility Requirement

    ● Students must be between the ages of 3 and 21
    ● Students and their families must have moved to seek employment in agriculture, floristry, or commercial fishing
    within the last three years.
    ● A young adult may qualify on his or her own if he or she works and moves due to seeking agriculture, floristry
    or commercial fishing employment.
    ● Type of work must be seasonal or temporary
    ● Eligibility is established through an interview process conducted by a certified Migrant Program Recruiter

    Contact Us

    Main Office: 1155 E. Alisal Street, Room H2


    School Representative: Migrant Resource Counselor:  Yaminah Avila

    831-796-6900, Ext 1343

    Supplemental Services

    Student Services
    ● Guidance and Support Case Management
    ● Academic Academies
    ● Credit Recovery Intersession
    ● Academic Excursions
    ● Career/Vocational and College Awareness
    ● Leadership Development
    ● School materials and supplies

    Out of School Youth Services
    ● Guidance and Support Case Management
    ● High School Equivalency Diploma Preparation
    ● Alternative Education Placement
    ● Career and Vocational Education
    ● School materials and supplies
    ● Referrals to Community Services

    Parent Services
    ● Family Services Advocate Guidance and Support
    ● US Educational System Workshops
    ● Health Family Night Workshops
    ● District Parent Advisory Council

    Summer Programs
    ● Middle School Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Academy
    ● Academic Excursions
    ● High School Work Study Program