EPS Middle School

  • Introduction to El Puente Middle School

    1. The student’s success is the focus of our time together.  We will concentrate on developing the knowledge, skills and abilities to move forward in schooling and into successful adulthood.

    2. Methods

      1. Weekly assignments are published for each student. Assessments will be based on the degree to which the student shows progress in the subject matter and has completed assignments.
      2. Daily direct instruction
      3. Individual practice and reinforcement
      4. Extra help as needed

    3. Class Norms

      1. On time—students are expected to be consistently on time. In seats and ready for the school day by 8:30 
      2. Prepared for instruction—have the necessary materials (paper, pen, notes, previous assignments, completed homework); Also prepared with the proper attitude to learn.
      3. Fully Engaged in Instruction—Listening when teacher is instructing, focused when doing activities.
      4. Respectful—
        1. Respect for self in that student’s behavior reflects appropriate participation, language and attire. (Dress code is in handbook)
        2. Respect for others—language, attitude, listening when others are speaking

    • Respect for teacher

    1. No Cellphones during class time




  • El Puente School