Courses of Study ~ Diploma

  • The Salinas Union High School District requires 220 credits for graduation from El Puente High School.  We offer a full course of study to complete requirements. The following are the required courses for graduation:


    Subject Credits Needed
    English   40
    Math   30
    Life Science   10
    Physical Science   10
    World History   10
    US History   10
    Government    5
    Economics    5
    Vocational Education   10
    Foreign Language   20
    Fine Arts   10
    Health   10
    Electives   30
    Physical Education   20

    You are also required to:

    • Maintain 85% attendance for all 4 years.
    • Complete 60 hours of Community Service.
    • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0

    Students who complete all graduation requirements before the school year is over can withdraw from school early. They are dropped and return at the end of the year to participate in the graduation ceremony.

    *Not only do we offer electives on site, but a number of electives are offered through ROP. We encourage El Puente School students to enroll in ROP courses to learn valuable job skills and to earn additional credits toward graduation.  Please make an appointment with the your counselor for details.

    Graduation Requirements