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  • Hello Parents,

    We wanted to send a current update.  The plan is that the next couple of weeks we will be spending some time trying to figure out how to put what we do into an online format. This is especially difficult for our program and all early childhood programs as the in-person aspect is a vital component. Starting in April we hope to begin rolling out some content for you to access via our google classrooms. Please be patient as we expect a steep learning curve as these are not methods we have used before. In the meantime if you are someone at home who is wondering what to do with your kiddos consider creating a basic structure for your kiddos. Structure gives stability in uncertain, unusual times. If you have younger ones, you might set their schedule. The older ones can give input and you can negotiate together. No one is too old for this. It will just look different depending on their age and maturity. Checking things off a list, even a small one, will help everyone feel a sense of productivity and a bit more in control of what is happening. Keep it small at first, even just 3 things a day, being able to add or adjust when the info from teachers and schools starts to come in.

    Some suggestions - make time for:

    - Chores (simple ones like making your bed, wiping down the bathroom and kitchen, taking out trash and laundry) mowing the yard, picking the weeds, sweeping, all good for your house and good for the soul. 30 minutes a day

    - Journaling - Get some paper or a blank notebook and start a journal. Ask kids to spend 10 minutes drawing on a regular basis. Date every entry to keep a record, keep it feeling "official" and also to hold them accountable.

    - Reading - 30 minutes at a minimum of reading to them.

    - Exercise - Inside or outside - think about what they love and what is good for you. Keep it simple at 30-60 minutes a day.

    - Games and Puzzles - games are great for skill building, having fun and exercising minds. Board games, family games, card games - all help with strategy and critical thinking. 30 -45 minutes a day

    - Helping with Food Prep or Baking for Fun - kids will learn new skills and feel good about helping.

    - Music - encourage some different genres - even ones you might not prefer - increase their knowledge and exposure. Or look at it as exploring different decades - 40's, 50's, etc..

    -Good videos you pick and watch with them - the internet is filled with great lists of movies running on Netflix and Prime that will make for great watching as a family or alone.

    Teach them a new skill YOU have:

    - Knitting

    - Baking

    - Painting

    - Various repairs around the house

    - Juggling

    - Sewing/Crafting

    - Photography

    - Redesigning a space in your home

    - Gardening

    Beyond your daily schedule-

    Set 1-3 GOALS with your kiddos. Many of us have 6 weeks at home, be clear and set a goal or two to accomplish. Write it down and put it where everyone can see it. Don't make them too much or too big - we want success.

    - Learn a new skill (piece of music, cooking technique, hobby)

    - Create something new ( a painting, shooting a video, writing a story, plant a garden)

    - Reach a new level (athletic skills, conquer a book series, finish a new 1000 piece puzzle)

    Goals will be great to help us stay focused, have fun, create some meaning and a sense of control. All of this is so important to our young people (and us older people).



    The Parent Center

    Located at the Salinas Adult School, The Parent Center offers parents and caregivers information to nurture children in a positive, healthy, and loving environment.  From pregnancy until your child goes to Kindergarten, we have a class to support you along the way. We work to increase your confidence and understanding of your child’s growth and development! 

    The Parent Education Department aims to support and enrich the lives of families in our community by offering a safe place for children to grow and explore while parents get evidence based parenting skills.

    At The Parent Center We offer Lamaze childbirth classes, parent and child activity classes (aka mommy & me), an outdoor children’s garden, and the only nationally accredited preschool in Salinas.  Preschool registration for next school year is open now. 

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    Note: The 2019-2020 Parent Center classes are now open for registration.

    Please register your child under the parent name, not the child's name.

    Our Mission Statement:
    The Salinas Adult School is committed to teaching 21st century skills and providing support to our adult students as they transition into new phases of education, employment, parenting and community engagement.


    In person registration: Please come to P5 located in the P wing of the Salinas Education Center.

    Advance registration is required!

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