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    Director’s message

    January 2019

    Welcome to New Year 2019!  Greetings and best wishes for a successful winter/spring term. Salinas is truly a place for gaining success in life and on the job.  Here you can expand your capabilities through creativity, academic studies and coursework that supports professional and lifelong learning.

    Salinas Education has been serving the Salinas Valley community and surrounding areas for 100 years. This is very inspiring to me and speaks to the value and needs of adult education in our communities. There are some exciting new changes and additions to our course offerings in the New Year and additional support services for our community.

    In our career training, we are bringing back the Career Center to accelerate transition of our students to a higher level of education or into the workforce.

    Salinas Adult School’s Pearson Vue approved Testing Center offers a plethora of testing opportunities that lead to certification in a variety of professional fields: real estate, insurance, cosmetology, etc.

    As always, we work with those needing to complete their high school diploma, study ESL and pass the GED or HISET.  In the fourth quarter of this school year we will be offering an integrated culinary class where students will learn food preparation as well as English Language skills. At the end of studies the learners will get ServSafe certification and will be informed of Career Pathways options.  We are here to help you achieve your goals with an emphasis on providing quality education and career training that leads to high-wage and sustainable employment.

    Our Parent Education program covers parenting of 0-5 age children.  We offer childbirth classes, parent & child activity classes, family gardening classes, and the preschool. You can also sign up for either English or Spanish childbirth preparation classes for expecting parents to attend. The class is a Lamaze based series for an expecting mother to attend with the partner of her choice.

    Our Student Council convenes on a quarterly basis with the purpose of giving feedback on our services and suggesting school improvements. The student engagement and support of school advancement at these meetings are extraordinary.

    The community needs are of the highest priority to our staff. Whether you are a student or someone needing to find out resources available in the community, please come in or call to meet with our knowledgeable staff. 

    To all our students and their families: have a wonderful New Year! Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

    Tatiana Roganova

    Director - Salinas Adult School

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