Principal's Message



    Dear El Puente Students and Parents,

    Welcome to El Puente School! We are very pleased to have you as part of our learning community. El Puente School is a progressive school. Our staff is dedicated to helping and guiding our students to achieve their educational goals and to prepare them for the world of work and/or college. We are a 9-12th grade school with over 325 students. The small size allows us to work closely and more personally with our students.

    This is my third year as the El Puente principal. I am dedicated to every student's success. Please introduce yourself to me on the first day of school. I am looking forward to helping your student succeed.

    Students will attend El Puente School five days a week, 70 minutes per subject. In addition, we will have an increased class time for students who need to improve reading and math skills. Teachers and the support staff have spent much time preparing for the eighth school year of El Puente School.

    We will continue to focus on three key concepts at El Puente School: Academics, Attendance and Work Completion. We expect that our students will work diligently, earn credits and attend regularly. With parents/community, students and the school working together, our students will be successful. We do have high expectations because we want each one of our students to be successful.

    El Puente School is a new beginning for many of our students and provides an opportunity to be successful in an alternative setting. Our goal is for students to earn their high school diploma or High School Equivalency Test (HiSET), improve their academic standing, gain useful social skills, and give them opportunities to continue their education beyond high school and be college and career ready.

    We will do this together! Yes, it can be done!


    Eric Deleissegues