School Description


    Rancho San Juan High School will open with a capacity of approximately 1,500 students, it is a 38.97 acre parcel.  The high school is being constructed in two phases. 

    Phase I is currently under construction and includes:

    • Standard Visual Arts Classrooms - 2
    • Standard Classrooms, ELLs, English, Math, Social Studies, etc. – 31
    • Biology and Life Science Classrooms – 4
    • Chemistry Classrooms – 2
    • Physics Classrooms – 2
    • CTE – Crime Scene Investigation - 1
    • CTE – Graphic Design - 1
    • CTE – Engineering - 1
    • CTE – Manufacturing - 1
    • Special Education Classrooms, Severe and Non-Severe - 2
    • Computer Classroom – 1
    • Relocatable Classrooms – 6
    • Physical Education facilities include Varsity Baseball and Softball Facilities, Football and Soccer Field, asphalt track and practice fields.

    The core facilities include:

    • Administration Area for 4 site Administrators and support staff, 8 Counselling offices and support staff locations, a dedicated attendance, health, registrar’s, resource officer offices and staff lounge.
    • Library/Media Center on the second floor with natural lighting and state of the art technology.  Library offerings will be used to support the learning beyond the classroom setting.
    • Large and Small Gymnasiums with locker room facilities for physical education classes and extra-curricular activities.  The locker facility includes individual team storage areas.
    • Food Service Building with kitchen, multi station food court and covered dining area.  The Food Service Program will also utilize satellite serving areas with rolling carts that provide hot and cold foot choices.