Health Benefits

  • Please Read RE: Retiree Health Payments (Updated 5/7/20)

    Effective immediately and until further notice, payments will not be accepted in person or dropped off inside the building.  We are no longer able to accept cash.  All payments need to be mailed or dropped through the mail slot at the front door.  Please put in an envelope addressed  to Tracy Yamamoto.  If you need a receipt, please note that when you submit your payment.  A receipt will be mailed/emailed to you per your request.

    Any questions, please contact Tracy Yamamoto at or (831) 796-7079.

    Thank you.


    Questions regarding out of pocket deductions or monthly payments please call:  831-796-7079

    Current Insurance Rates:

    MCSIG Management Rates (Effective 01-01-21)

    MCSIG SVFT Rates (Effective 01-01-21)

    CVT Rates (Effective 10/01/2021)

    MCSIG Confidential/Supervisory Rates ~ 12 Month (Effective 01-01-21)

    MCSIG Confidential/Supervisory Rates ~ 10 Month (Effective 01-01-20)



  • Questions regarding insurance cards, plan coverage or eligibility please contact:

    Administration & Certificated Insurance:

    Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group

    Classified Insurance:

    California's Valued Trust
    800-288-9870 or 559-437-2960