ROP ~ Regional Occupational Program

  • Building Strong Communities by educating Skilled Workers


  • What Is ROP?
    The Mission Trails Regional Occupational Program is an organization of individual vocational school sites affiliated with alternative education in school districts throughout Monterey County. Some courses are offered at high school sites, and some at ROP campuses.

    MTROPs provide: 

    • vocational training and development

    • career training courses and certifications

    • career planning services

    Who Is ROP For?
    High school juniors and seniors benefit from access to ROP's professional-level vocational training courses available at their high-school sites or ROP campuses. ROPs also offer courses & services for adults in the community. Our primary objective is to provide our communities with skilled workers in a variety of vocations.

    Mission Trails Regional Occupational Program

    ROP Courses Offered on AHS Campus
    Graphic Design: Computer design, make posters, newsletters, illustrations, graphics
    Diseño Graphica: (Se requiere mecanografia en computadora) Los Programas de computadoras, boletines, ilustraciones, gráficas (Artista comercial, Diseñador de gráficas en computadora)

    Media Productions: Create and film programming for live television
    Televisión Y Medios De Comunicación: Crear y filmar programas de televisión en vivo. (Actores, reporteros, camarógrafos, el coregir el video)