Computer Science and Robotics Pathway

  • Courses Offered:

    Robotics Instructor: Juan Ledesma

    Robotics 1 -  learn robotics fundamentals like bulding, using and coding robots.
    Robotics 2 - learn advanced robotics, like robotics engineering and robot design.


    Computer Science Instructor: Reev Solis

    Cisco Systems Networking Academy at AHS - starting 2017-2018 school year


    Robotics competitions:
    Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose (2016 - 2017)


    California State Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo (2017-2018)


    Why Robotics?

    Challenging elective courses are recommended by the College Board as part of a student's high school curriculum if one decides to pursue an AA, BA, MA or Doctorate degree later in life. Also, nowadays Computer Technology, Information Technology (IT) and computer code driven mechanical devices (robots) are incorporated in almost every existing career our students decide to pursue.

    The industry standard coding used in this course (RobotC programming language was created using components of C++ and Java) have been used to program: Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, US Navy UAV Drones, Flight Simulators, DVD Player Firmware, Video games, Microwaves, CAT Scanners, Smart Cars, Satellites, Cell Phones, Electronic Toys and much, much more. Therefore, I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be successful in tomorrow's technology driven society. 

    Course Progression

     Student opinion of the Robotics course

    Three year bachelor science program at Hartnell and CSUMB

    Prerequisites for this course are the Introduction to Computer Science (where students are familiarized, among other things, with C++ and JavaScript coding) and Physics courses(where students learn the physical concepts that are at the foundation of building robots).

    Intro to Computer Science and Robotics Technology, students who decide to follow the Bachelor in Science Degree (BS) in Computer Science offered by Hartnell College in partnership with CSUMB. This is a fast track three year program with courses offered at Hartnell College for one and a half years and CSUMB for the second half of the time.  In our latest efforts, we are currently a few steps away from articulating both courses with CSS44 (Introduction to Computer Science) offered by Hartnell College within their fast track program. This means that high school students who take and pass Intro to Computer Science and Robotics Technology at Alisal High will be waived (will not have to take, will be given college credit for) the CSS44 course offered by Hartnell College.

    Thank you, 

    Mr. Ledesma