• Keeping the G.A.T.E Open to the Future

    The Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) program provides challenging curriculum and instruction significantly beyond the level of their peers.

    El Programa de Education de Estudiantes Talentosos y Sobresalientes (G.A.T.E.) provee un paln de estudios e instruccion desafiante a estudiantes talentosos y sobresalientes capaces de avanzar sinigicativamente mas que sus companerios.

    Classes and Teachers

    English 9 G.A.T.E.              
    Ms Jane Albano

    English 10 G.A.T.E.            
    Mr. Jason Chamberlin

    World History G.A.T.E.        
    Mr. Kenneth Johnson

    Many G.A.T.E. students enroll in Advanced Placement (A.P.) classses their junior and senior years.

    G.A.T.E. Club


    When?         The first and third Thursdays of each month
    Where?        Room 408
    Who?           All G.A.T.E. students are welcome
    Why?           To plan academic, cultural, and social activities

    Plans for the Future

    G.A.T.E. Academic Supporters


        Fueling the future...