Digital Media Arts Academy

  • Our Mission:

    The EAHS Media Arts Academy will empower students to succeed academically and creatively. We will provide opportunities for students to be unique and express themselves through media arts.

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    Our Vision:

    The DMA Academy will prepare students for lifelong learning and exploration into the future of media arts and entertainment.

     Digital Media Arts Academy is partnered with Career and Technical Education. We offer skills and knowledge that center around careers in fields of Digital Media Arts. Our students experience all of the aspects of pre and post production in the film making industry. Our courses touch on TV Production, Film Editing, Camera, Literacy, Sound Creation, Directing, Story Boarding, Marketing, Photography, and Graphic Design. DMA students are cohorted together in core classes such as History, Science and Language Arts to help built a sense of community among students. DMA teachers support students with being successful in all of their classes as well as helping them complete cross-curricular projects. Our year culminates in May with the DMA Expo, where students showcase films, commercials, documentaries and other digital media projects they have created.

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    New   Game Design Course

    Click on Link for Information:  Game Design Course